I have always been aiming to work abroad especially here in Singapore. I have tried many times applying in different companies but I failed in my first attempt and nothing did materialized. But it didn't stop me in achieving my goal. I tried again for the second time and I was lucky enough that in my first week of staying here, SMART FORTE CONSULTING LLP called me thru Ms. Roseleen Lua on November 15, 2017 and immediately asked me to report for interview the next day to the company I applied for! They have given me all the things that I need. From the documents I have to bring, the time of the interview with note that I should arrive earlier than the scheduled time, location of the interview and a very useful how to get there direction note and map.

After the interview, Ms. Roseleen called me again and asked how was it and told me that as per the employer, the interview went well and asked me to wait for the result until next week. So I waited for more than a week for the result of the interview and on November 27, Ms. Roseleen congratulate me because I passed it and requested for my requirements to process my S PASS. It was so fast and very smooth application! I did not wait for so long and Ms. Roseleen always kept me posted by calling me for almost everyday telling me to just wait for the result.

I would like to thank SMART FORTE CONSULTING LLP for the opportunity and the assistance they have given me. Especially Ms. Roseleen for going above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. Highly recommended! Thank you and may you help more aspiring job seekers!

— Von Clipper Balbin
I would like to appreciate the level of services provided to me from Smart Forte Consulting. It is really amazing service! Really happy to get support from Roseleen, I had a great support experience. Thank you!

— Frank
Consistently impressed with Roseleen's Attitude. I’m pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Smart Forte as a Recruitment Consultant. I have been consistently impressed with Roseleen's attitude since the first day she contacted me for a position in Customer Service. During the time that she has helped me with the recruitment process, I found Roseleen is very friendly, intelligent and hard-working. I’m sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this important support that I had.

— Calis Kwok
I would recommend Roseleen from Smart Forte for her efficient service, prompt response, and professional advice throughout the recruitment service. Keep up the good job!

— Jasper Chow
I'm Jack, from Malaysia. First time experienced from recruitment agency. I approached Roseleen from Smart Forte via online jobs platform. They are very efficient, Roseleen is the one who assist me. She is so friendly and sincere to assist me to reach my expectations for my new company and environment.

— Jack
First of all I am grateful that I have been able to get this job through jobstreet after I applied that has been advertised by a smartforte agency who is experienced in the field of job search that is appropriate to the applicant in terms of experience as well as the background of the applicant's career and once I receive thanks to smartforte agencies who have helped me in terms of communication talks about my job as a job seeker, I feel the services provided by smartforte agencies are the best I've ever met. I hope smartforte can continue to provide the best services as a job search agency. Thank you.

— Tasius Francis
I am very grateful to your company's fast response in helping me find a job. It is also great that you recommend me other similar jobs available. As such, I have more job opportunities and higher chance to find a job. You are very patient and provided a lot of assistance, from helping me arrange the interviews and following-up with the necessary documents, even advising me on the documents to prepare and how to dress myself for the interview. This is something I am very thankful for. If I need to find a job again in the future, I will definitely come back to your company.

— Jamie Ng
Thanks for your help on securing this job opening for me. The efficiency and execution of certain process method are very timely. When i got a call from you, i was told to be prepared for interview, then on the same day itself, i was shortlisted for interview and got the job in the end. It couldn't be done without your speed and efficiency. Once again, i thank you for your efficiency and efforts to help me secure this job. If i have acquaintances that wish to find job, will definitely recommend your company to them. Thanks!

— William Koh
Firstly, I would like to say thank you Roseleen from Smart Forte Consulting LLP provide an excellent service. Managed to get me an interview within 3 days with my expected salary. I really appreciate all your efforts, time and hard work. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and also to the people who are looking for the job. Once again, thank you so much for all your help in my job search.

— Kai
I will give 10/10 for the review. Good services and fast responds.

— Norizzat
Roseleen was a pleasure to work with throughout the recruitment process, and provided excellent advice and help on all levels. There was a key focus on finding the right role for me from the outset, and Roseleen was great at keeping in touch with updates and handing any issues. Very good, well rounded, personal service! Thanks.

— Xinhui
I am very pleasant to find a good job through SmartForte, their service quite good and the consultant also nice, really feel pleasant during the period of my job seek with them and wish all the best to them. Thank you.

— Riwei
I had just started to look for a job in Oct. There wasn't much response from any companies/agencies in the beginning. Although I did went for a couple of interviews with other agencies, I felt that I was cheated. No one clearly stated what the company was looking for or the roles and responsibilities, even though I did mention clearly through emails and calls. You were the first few who contacted me. Clearly, you understood the frustration of us job seekers. Making time to clarify and understand what I was searching for. Surely not pushing me to go for any interviews, that you deem fit. My first interview under you recommendation is undoubtedly delightful and perfect. The interviewer and I genuinely get what we wanted on the spot. I would say, both of us concluded the outcome immediately. I'm grateful that you had managed to link me up with my current employer so successfully and swift. Thank you for hard work and dedication, it is not that easy to find one in your industries. I appreciate it and thank you very much.

— Shawn Goh
Thanks for excellent service of helping me get a good job opportunity. 祝你生意兴隆,财源滚滚进口袋!发啊! Thanks!

— Rachel Lee
I wish to thank SmartForte & my consultant, Ms Roseleen Lua for their assistance in securing a position for me. I find the Agency and my consultant to be professional in their work and genuinely concerned for the well-being & suitability of the job applicant. My consultant was understanding of my needs, shared good advice such as timely reminders when starting a new job and encouraged me to work hard and do my best in my new position. I am pleased with my new position and my experience with them. I hope that SmartForte & Ms Roseleen will continue their good work and look forward to engaging them again in the future. Thank you SmartForte & Ms Roseleen!

— Isaac
Firstly, I would like to thanks Roseleen for providing an excellent service, and helping me secure the job offer. Secondly, your speed and efficiency has allowed me to get through the process with 3 days. Lastly, thanks again for your hard work and dedication. I wish SmartForte all the best and to continue providing good service to other. I will recommend SmartForte to people looking for a job. Thank you!

— Samuel Ho
Thank Roseleen and Smart Forte for the job recommendation. I applied job from Smart Forte and get a reply within 1 day. Roseleen was very patient to help me because I never updated my resume and photo when I apply for the job. She explained the detail clearly when I have doubts on the job scope. Thanks for the job recommendation again.

— Chong Yu
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